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8/8/09 03:12 pm - roommate revenge

pledged the floor in front of the evil roommates' doors (one of said roommates had previously pledged the common room floor, trying to clean but only making the floor incredibly slippery.)

8/4/09 12:48 am - fuck crackheads

oh and also work was obnoxious.

8/4/09 12:43 am - work tonight

i really hate the way things are in like 60% of my life right now, but im so incredibly happy about the other 40% that i almost dont care.. but i still do because part of it sucks and is annoying.

kayla and andrew came in the store tonight which was unnecessary
some guys were making stupid comments about kayla, and does she have a boyfriend and blah blah blah
and i was like um yeah, its my exboyfriend and roommate.
james was like
neva. so unnecessary.

i wanted to say 10 million things.. but its not james that im mad at for continually being a douche. if kayla made any effort to pay me back then maybe i wouldnt talk shit when i felt like it
but just because two people are in a relationship now doesnt mean that i dont have a right to talk about the bullshit that was done to me.
and the fact that they cant clean a thing around the apartment or clean the towels of mine they used till they were disgusting and put in the TRASH ROOM without telling me
or leave the dishes of MINE that they used and dont rinse in the sink
and then yell at me as if i dont do the dishes.

i hate being right
its obnoxious.

8/2/09 11:36 pm

jon (yawn) is in the kitchen. getting stuffed shells.
we are drinking and doing internet nerdy things.
i dont think its possible to contain more happiness than i do at the moment.

my jaw hurts from smiling so much i think :)

8/2/09 09:55 pm - wow lj

i wonder if anyone reads this?

it hasnt been updated in 82 weeks
but that doesnt mean its not on someones friends page still.

i am not going to twitter
and facebook is too much i think
so i think i'll try and write here sometimes again
i used to always have a lj
so i think i miss it maybe

but anyways
life is so incredibly excellent
which is funny because usually i want to write when im not happy
but i want to write and i am happy so thats a good thing i think.

1/5/08 12:45 am

mmmmm. drunk/.

1/4/08 04:41 pm - interviews


two interviews

one at www.wwacquisitions.com

and one at www.90tenmarketing.com

im so fucking excited for the 90ten one.

i want to be like. friends with those people.

so what if im a comm nerd. whatever.

5/24/07 03:12 am

who needs a place to live this summer and can pay rent?

3/31/07 10:35 am

the radio shack thing went well
i called back to thank the guy for the interview, and he asked me 'if i had considered the manager program' and that 'he talked to his district manager about my background' and 'thinks i should really consider it'
but didnt say that i was officially hired, which i would like to hear
the manager had a long straggly silly pony tail
it was pretty hilarious
he builds model rockets
and loves to make fun of locals
i guess he found a guy in a dumpster who hadnt shown up for 3 days
and he had 7 bullet holes in his chest

last night the whole family went to dinner together
im really annoyed by all of latrices effort to 'get the family back together'
i really just dont want to deal with it
i mean, unless we go on some sort of vacation together or something.
i could maybe put up with that.
but really, i just dont think its a good idea. my mom has dropped the divorce once before, and in a similar way. when she realizes that nothing changes when it comes to people violently stuck in their ways... everyones going to be worse off for it.

im really starting to get fed up with fitchburg state, im sick of the school raping kids for money but then really not turning back an education. i barely feel like ive learned anything in 2 years. yeah, i slack off a lot, but, i get way better than average grades, even if though im a lousy student. the teachers are just fucking inadequate. yeah, some of the comm teachers are moderately brilliant, but thats about it in my experience. im sick of DUMB teachers. im sick of the network crashing IN THE LIBRARY (when i had spent 45 minutes working on my resume, went to save because the computer was acting screwy since i had been on it, and it froze before i could even save it. i spent the next half hour trying 4 different computers to see if i could get my document back, but they all wouldnt log in. i went to go complain at the front of the library, was shuffled somewhere else. the president's office. he wasnt on campus. the secretary told me 'we all have to deal with it.' thats unnacceptable. unanomous suffering is not legitimate or acceptable suffering. she shuffles me to the head of the IT department. the secretary there told me that she lost work, so i had to deal with it, basically, and said that she'd foward my complaints onto charlie, and took down my email. i still dont have an email back from him, and all i wanted to do was voice my complaint to someone other than a secretary, however, thats impossible, aparrently.

i think i might take graphic design and interactive this summer. i wonder if i can get into them?

3/28/07 12:46 pm

today andrew, the bunny and i ate breakfast in the shire

i love my bunny
and i love my andrew

tomorrow i have an interview at radio shack
i wonder how that will go
i dont know if i really want to work at radio shack
buttt a job is a job
and its definitely better than market basket.

i think ill apply other places as well
but it would be nice to get a decent pay check.

i think im going to start updating this again

i dont know how long it will last

im not promising nothing.
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