astronaut neva (le_neva) wrote,
astronaut neva

work tonight

i really hate the way things are in like 60% of my life right now, but im so incredibly happy about the other 40% that i almost dont care.. but i still do because part of it sucks and is annoying.

kayla and andrew came in the store tonight which was unnecessary
some guys were making stupid comments about kayla, and does she have a boyfriend and blah blah blah
and i was like um yeah, its my exboyfriend and roommate.
james was like
neva. so unnecessary.

i wanted to say 10 million things.. but its not james that im mad at for continually being a douche. if kayla made any effort to pay me back then maybe i wouldnt talk shit when i felt like it
but just because two people are in a relationship now doesnt mean that i dont have a right to talk about the bullshit that was done to me.
and the fact that they cant clean a thing around the apartment or clean the towels of mine they used till they were disgusting and put in the TRASH ROOM without telling me
or leave the dishes of MINE that they used and dont rinse in the sink
and then yell at me as if i dont do the dishes.

i hate being right
its obnoxious.
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